8,122,709 miles donated by RAICES supporters!

Did you know that you can donate airline miles to reunify immigrant and refugee families and to allow these families to make their way to their sponsors in the United States? Donating airline miles is a perfect way to make a difference in the lives of immigrant friends, families, and neighbors.

RAICES has partnered with Miles4Migrants and as part of our partnership, we want to ask our supporters to donate in a new way - their airline miles.

For more information, read the Support RAICES Campaign to Raise Miles FAQ and watch the following short video (3:30) to see how a Miles4Migrants case works.

Frequent Flyer Miles / Credit Card Points Donations

Miles4Migrants has made it easy to donate your unneeded miles so they can be used to reunite families in safety. The process is fast, simple and safe and can be completed in about a minute! Frequent flyer mile donations are not tax-deductible.