Miles4Migrants is entirely dependent on the generous help of our donors to reunite refugee families. In order to book a frequent flyer mile ticket we need 2 things: miles and money.  The frequent flyer miles cover most of the expense, but there is also a cash charge for each ticket to cover taxes, departure and arrival fees, fuel surcharges, and the like.  As such there are two ways to donate to Miles4Migrants.

You can also make us your chosen Amazon Smile charity by clicking here:    Amazon Smile

Frequent Flyer Miles / Credit Card Points Donations

Miles4Migrants has made it easy to donate your unneeded miles so they can be used to reunite families in safety. The process is fast, simple and safe and can be completed in about a minute! Frequent flyer mile donations are not tax-deductible.

Monetary Donations

Don't have miles but still wish to help? No problem! You can safely and quickly make a monetary donation that can be used to cover airport taxes and fees. Donations of money to Miles4Migrants may be tax-deductible.