Families reunited in memory of Randy Montei

Randy Montei was a marine, a mailman, a pilot, and a pillar of his community and family. When his family got together, Randy was the one who made sure everyone had what they needed. Family was of utmost importance to him. At Randy's funeral, his family graciously made Miles4Migrants one of the recipients of donations made in his name.

So now, part of Randy Montei's legacy is the travel booked with these donations. There are 4 families that now get to sit down every night and have dinner together, after years of being apart, because of the people of Caro, Michigan and donations they made to Miles4Migrants in Randy's name. These families may not look like anyone in Caro, or speak their language, or share their religions, but what they do have in common is a love of family and the belief that when you are with your family, you are home.  Just as Randy believed.

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