A snapshot of where we stand at the end of May 2017

We here at Miles4Migrants would like to be as transparent as possible with how we've been handling cases and what our expenditures look like.  First, we've obtained tickets for 30 individuals from 16 different refugee families, and we've helped at least one person from each of the following countries: Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Syria, and Ukraine.  We also present this table showing some stats on what we've been able to do so far with your pledged miles and dollars.  Thanks so much!

Total miles usedTotal money usedApprox. cash valueApprox. cents per pointTotal people flown
Miles per personDollars per personCash value per person

We would also like to note that $733 of our $1855 in taxes/fees/bags expenses has been paid by the individual miles donors at the time of booking. Because our donors are incredible people.

And finally, a note on how we calculate cash value and cents per point.  Our cash value is the price of the flight at the time of booking OR the price of the lowest-cost one-stop flight on a non-discount airline, whichever is lower.  So basically what we're saying is that we're not inflating the value of our flights by claiming a flight from Tehran to London, for instance, is worth $600 because that's what British Airways charges to fly direct.  Instead, we'll value it at $260 because that's what it would cost to fly with one stop through Doha, for instance, even though we booked that direct British Airways flight. 

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