Miles4Migrants is now in the Aeroplan "Beyond Miles" Donation Program

Miles4Migrants can now take donations of Aeroplan miles in any amount (minimum 1000 miles) through the Aeroplan "Beyond Miles" Program.  That means we can pool miles and make a bunch of smaller donations have a big impact!

Follow this link to donate to us directly!

If you don't have an Aeroplan account, follow this link to make one.

We know that many of our US-based backers may have never heard of Aeroplan.  Aeroplan is the frequent flyer mile program associated with Air Canada.  This may not seem helpful to most of our backers, but we assure you that it is.  Why?  Because Aeroplan also happens to be a transfer partner of American Express Membership Rewards points.  So if you have an AmEx card that gets Membership Rewards points, you can transfer those points to Aeroplan and donate them to us.  To do so, sign up for an Aeroplan account using the link above, then link that account to your AmEx Membership Rewards account by logging in to Amex and following the instructions in this link to connect your accounts and transfer the miles to your Aeroplan account.  Then you can donate the miles to us and we can make more refugee family reunions a reality!

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