Miles4Migrants Media Coverage in 2018

On August 6, 2018, a University of Michigan law professor tweeted to her followers about a program she’d discovered that used donated airline miles to reunite immigrant families who had been separated - either by governments, or by circumstance. Within hours, the Tweet had gone viral, and the miles poured in - to date, more than 40 million of them.

As the donations grew, so did we. We added volunteers, and we added partners. These additional resources made it possible for us to book over 400 flights, reuniting 163 families in six countries in 2018, enabling us to better fulfill our mission of identifying refugees, asylum seekers and their immediate family members in need, and flying them to safe havens. 

That tweet was the catalyst for our growth, raising the profile of our organization and bringing our work to the attention of the world. Stories about Miles4Migrants appeared on television, and in newspapers and magazines - from small weekly newspapers, to CNN and The New York Times. The ensuing publicity introduced us to more partners, significantly increasing the number of flight requests for family reunifications. 

These articles are just a small part of 2018’s media coverage.  

Toronto Star Newspaper, October 16: “There were a lot of tears”

The Points Guy, August 21: “Meet the People Using Air Miles to Reunite Migrant Families”

New York Times, August 16: “Millions of Frequent Flier Miles Are Donated to Reunite Families Separated at Border”

CNN, August 10: ”People are Donating their Frequent Flyer Miles to Reunite Families Separated at the US-Mexico Border”

Telemundo, August 10: “Se viraliza donación de millas para la reunificación familiar”

BuzzFeed News, August 9: ”People are Donating Millions of Frequent Flyer Miles to Reunite Immigrant Families”

Bustle, August 8: “How to Help Refugees & Immigrants with Your Frequent Flyer Miles (Yes, Really)”

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