Miles4Migrants Partners

Does your organization wish to partner with Miles4Migrants? Want to see what a little hard work can do when it is put to use in the right direction? CONTACT US now to find out how we can work together to help others!

  • TMMData

    TMMData is a leading data integration and preparation platform powering the data supply chains of organizations including Comcast, FedEx, Blue Cross Blue Shield and the Pennsylvania State University, among others. Its enterprise-scale software pulls data from any source, automates complex data synthesis and integration and customizes data delivery to any platform. As a Miles4Migrants partner, TMMData is pleased to provide the backend web technology facilitating frequent flier mile and monetary donations, and assisting with data analysis and reporting with the goal of helping refugees receive the travel assistance they need.

  • Together Now

    Together now are a UK based charity reuniting refugee families. Our beneficiaries have fled persecution and often torture in their home country. Being reunited with their loved ones and establishing some security for their family can be a significant part of allowing refugees to rebuild their lives. We provide support with the family reunion process through arranging travel and providing additional support with arrangements for the family. We hope to be able to speed up the process and make it less stressful for our client and their family. More information on our website:

  • Caritas International Belgium

    Caritas International and its partners help victims of war, natural disasters and poverty. We offer them indispensable, long-term material and non-material assistance in their country or after they have fled their country. In Belgium we support migrants and refugees by providing them with a humane response, in line with their migration process. We carry out our mission without any form of discrimination.

  • Small Projects Istanbul

    Small Projects Istanbul is a grassroots NGO in Istanbul working with families displaced by conflict in Syria and the MENA region to rebuild their lives through livelihood and community integration initiatives. SPI's international team runs 40+ weekly programs focused on children's educational support and women's skills development. Learn more about about SPI and their women's craft collective by visiting their website:

  • Immigrant Families Together

    Immigrant Families Together is a network of Americans committed to rapid response unification of families separated by the ‘zero tolerance’ policy. We have mobilized to help parents currently detained in many avenues, including paying bonds and providing pro bono legal representation while parents await trial to be with their children, arranging safe transportation from the state of detention to the city where children are in foster care, connecting parents to local resources and potentially long-term housing in the destination city, working with local organizations and government representatives to expedite the process of achieving full custody of their children while they await trial, and providing legal referral services, AYUDAS, and rapid response teams to assist recently released detainees and families.

  • MORE Italia

    MORE Italia is part of an organization present in ten countries, which works with resilience and integration of refugees that fled from persecution. We work through training and equipping programs in order to prepare refugees to integrate and develop so they may be a contributing part of the society in which they are inserted. Our partnership with Miles4Migrants allows families to be reunited and strengthens this process of embracing a new home and culture in Italy.

  • Abroaders

    At Abroaders, we are travel zealots. We believe that travel builds character, and people with character build the world. If you’re committed to go somewhere, we want to help you get there. With expert knowledge of the frequent flier mile system, almost anyone can travel for virtually free. However, it’s an insanely complicated system that took us years to figure out. So, we’ve crammed all of our knowledge into a single platform to help travelers choose the best rewards program, earn the right points, and redeem them for maximum value. So far, our users have saved 80-90% on flights. The service is 100% free. We’d love for you to give it a try!